🎄 Christmas Comes but Once a Year 🎅

Dive into the historic saying about the yuletide season that encourages merriment and joyful celebration.

Christmas Comes but Once a Year 🎄

Are you jingling all the way yet? This saying emanates tidings of comfort and joy. The phrase “Christmas comes but once a year” nudges us to live in the merriest spirit during the holiday season. With origins rooting back to the sixteenth century, Thomas Tusser packaged this gem in his Five Hundredth Pointes of Good Husbandrie (1573). Back in the day, he suggested, “At Christmas play and make good cheere, for Christmas comes but once a yeere.”

  • Once in a blue moon: a rare opportunity.
  • Make hay while the sun shines: seize good opportunities.
  • Live it up: to spend time doing enjoyable things.
  • Carpe diem: seize the day.


  • All in a day’s work: something done on a routine basis without celebratory context.
  • Business as usual: typical, everyday actions.

Quotable Humor & Wit

“Remember, there are only two more shopping days until Christmas, and shoppers are starting to cut each other.” – Sardonic Santa

“The one thing women don’t want to find in their stockings on Christmas morning is their husband.” – Comedian Sin Claus

  1. Books:
    • “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens
    • “The Polar Express” by Chris Van Allsburg
  2. Songs:
    • “Jingle Bell Rock” by Bobby Helms
    • “White Christmas” by Bing Crosby
  3. Movies:
    • “Home Alone” (1990)
    • “Elf” (2003)
  4. Poetry:
    • “A Visit from St. Nicholas” by Clement Clarke Moore
    • “The Twelve Days of Christmas” (Traditional)

Fun & Thought-Provoking Quizzes

### Which of these books features the famous miser Ebenezer Scrooge? - [ ] The Grinch Who Stole Christmas - [x] A Christmas Carol - [ ] Letters from Father Christmas - [ ] The Night Before Christmas > **Explanation:** Scrooge is the central character in Charles Dickens' “A Christmas Carol.” ### Which song urges you to rock the night away? - [x] Jingle Bell Rock - [ ] Silent Night - [ ] Little Drummer Boy - [ ] Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer > **Explanation:** "Jingle Bell Rock" is well-known for its upbeat rhythm and festive dance lyrics. ### True or False: "Home Alone" is a Christmas movie about a family vacation gone wrong. - [x] True - [ ] False > **Explanation:** True! "Home Alone" centers around a family leaving for a Christmas vacation and inadvertently leaving Kevin, their young son, behind.

🎄 So, as you deck the halls, remember, Christmas comes but once a year—let the festivities begin and may your days be merry and bright!

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Sunday, July 7, 2024

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